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The end of Motley Crue? The Final, final, final tour?

Gods, I hope so. I was a huge Motley Crue fan. They seemed like a natural progression for me, from Ozzy, Alice Cooper and so forth. They were theatrical and pretty androgynous. All that make up, I remember more than … Continue reading

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Star Alliance You SUCK!

I know – it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here, I have about 100 unfinished posts and about 100 more in my head. But this one is going to be posted and published. The Back Story: I’ve … Continue reading

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A Weekend of Bad TV.

Admittedly, this weekend I did quite a bit of TV watching.  Not really sitting in front of the tube (wow, does anyone call it a tube anymore?) but more or less listening to it as I was doing chores of … Continue reading

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