A Weekend of Bad TV.

Admittedly, this weekend I did quite a bit of TV watching.  Not really sitting in front of the tube (wow, does anyone call it a tube anymore?) but more or less listening to it as I was doing chores of doom.  Then, there was a show about drugs.  Of course in a show about drugs, there will always be some poor soul prostituting.

Why is it that when we talk about prostitution, we always concentrate on the poor working woman trying to make ends meet for whatever reason?  (Not to mention that there ARE male prostitutes…)  They always talk about how prostitutes are a problem for so many places, where girls are sold so that they can sell their bodies to support their evil mistresses AKA pimps?

I have a problem with this.  Why is it so disgusting for females to sell their bodies to men and no one focuses on the males? I don’t get it.

I have no facts or figures but I would say that there is a HUGE number of females every year are incarcerated and tracked down by authorities every year.  You always see the documentaries telling them their stories, whether it is drugs, kids, family selling them or choice.  What about the males?

Why is it acceptable that males hire prostitutes?  Really, why?  Why can’t we as a society scare the living crap out of males to stop hiring these females for sexual favors in the front seat of their cars?  These males are generally depicted as the lonely guy who has a need to fulfill with his penis.  But how that can be the case for every guy that hires a prostitute?  Because it isn’t!

These men are married, they are in monogamous relationships, they are driving home from work to their wife and children, yet they stop in a seedy alley down the street open up their zipper and off they go.  They bring home diseases, they bring home lies and no one does anything about them.

Oh I’m sure some of them get nabbed by authorities every once and awhile.  The fact is, women wouldn’t be out their selling their bodies if it wasn’t acceptable for men to be purchasing it.

So again, why is it acceptable for a male to hire a prostitute?

I asked a couple of male friends what they would do if their other male friends would tell them, “Hey man, I’m horny tonight, heading over to getlaid street, see you in an hour.”  A couple of them were surprised by the question, no one asks people these things I guess.  None of them would tell their friend not to go, it’s like an unwritten rule, like not peeking at the guy urinating in the next stall or in the shower.

Prostitutes are hired by all types of wealth.  Whether it is where it is legal and they pay a huge fee for their desires or if it’s the hooker down the street dropping her needles as she stumbles in her high heels.

But again, what about the men?  Why is it acceptable that men EVERYWHERE in this world to hire these women.  To beat them up, rape or even kill them?

Sure, the women put themselves out there, but they know the men will come to their cheap motel, room or in the alley.  So of course they will put themselves out there, it’s money right?

Why can’t we as a society tell the males as they are growing up that this is wrong and it’s disrespectful?  Scare them into believing it is wrong for whatever reason they can.  Then arrest them, while letting the women go free?

I’m going to do some research into this.  This intrigues me.  It’s not about the prostitution itself, but the social norms that we have come to accept no matter where we live.  It’s NOT okay for women to sell themselves, but it’s perfectly fine for men to pay women as needed.  WTF?

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