And the Game Trailers are out…

Ever feel like you have just seen a preview in a movie theatre but no wait, it is a game trailer? The same barotone seductive male voice telling you about the ultimate battle that you only wish would happen? (If it was in the movies it probably would.) You know the one, “Picture yourself in another dimension where you have to choose which side you will defend, as your life depends on it.” Blah, blah, blah.

This tactic works great in a movie theatre, but is it really effective for gaming and shall I say gamers?

I find it very strange that many new game trailers come out and it doesn’t show any actual footage from the game. There is a world, it’s in peril, you need to defend it or yourself or your little cousin Maggie May with the adorable puppy dog eyes. While I think game trailers are fun to watch and I’ll admit I’ve gotten those chills down the back of my spine because I’m just that geeky over some of them, but seriously do I need to see an epic drama depicting nothing as to what the game will be like?

I ask many questions, I have no answers. I do think that gaming companies need to focus on marketing their games and not the conceptual back story that most people at Gamestop don’t care about when they even pick up the game. Oh I’m harsh, but it’s true. The 13 year doesn’t care much about why they are fighting but that there is fighting and how dang cool it is. Of course, bloodshed is also probably a factor.

Show me the actual gameplay with a backstory and I’ll get all giggly like a teenage girl in sex-ed. Giddy I tell you!

That being said, I am amazed at how high definition the new game trailers are and the creators behind them get my thumbs up. Of course, if I could only see more of the actual game, I would be all the happier.

One of my favorite game trailer of all time is still the Ultima Online 2 trailer.  I will admit that I actually saw this game being played in real time and I wanted this game. Still do in fact. Though 10 years old or so, I wanted to be the first to play this game:

That was something archaic by today’s definition of a game trailer, but lets see a cinematic¬† from last year which I did enjoy as well. From Warhammer Online:

The characters were so true to what they are in game, yummy stuff.

Now for one that just came out this week. See I keep up to date, I’m like current and stuff:

And this my friends, was done awesomely delicious. Oh I could comment on a few things, but it’s still awesomely delicious.

I wants it. My precious.

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