Are epic raids gone forever?

You love them, you hate them. You love the loot, you hate the loot.

I miss the accomplishment of trying to gather (okay it is like herding cats really) 80+ online impatient folks to go kill some big ass mob dude at the bottom of some long tunnel of connected dungeons to more than likely get stomped on like a chihuahua under a Saint Bernard. Then having half the raid quit in frustration or something better to do.

But something strange happens during those epic raids where you are forced to cooperate with other players just like yourself. Oh sure, you swear and whine and it’s a bitchfest but through that commonality there is a mutual bond. It sounds strange, but think about how you met your guild or your best friends in your favorite game? Was it just by a quick meeting at the local pub or killing rats in the n00b area?  Chances are, it was during one of these epic raids.

I think I’ve mentioned it before but with the newer games, we gamers have become spoiled. In fact extremely spoiled. The whole idea of “casual” seems out of control. Oh sure, staying awake until 5 am doesn’t make much sense unless you are a college student with extra time, but getting the super uber loot in 5 minutes doesn’t make any sense either.

Is a game better if it’s easier?  Is the game worse if it takes more time and effort? What is the magic number?

42 of course.

But obvious numbers aside, while I am past the point of wanting to stay awake until 5 am (although I would on a Friday/Saturday night) to get some item that I must have. I think all games need to include something that takes the effort, no matter how much swearing is done.

In the swearing becomes friendships, in the friendships becomes a community.

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