Dear Jerkface MMO Player…

Dear Jerkface MMO player,

I am writing to you today because I am fed up with you.  Just when I thought it was the gold spammers on the top of my shit list, there is a new crowning glory – everyone who is a jerk in an MMO. You are to blame for ruining the player experience of everyone you are counting on to make your game fun.  Yes, you.

Your know-it-all attitude while covered in e-peen glory. Yes, you.

You complain about how the server population is dying and no one plays, but Jerkface MMO player it is because of you and those who want to be like you.  While I would like to believe that you are 11 years old and haven’t reached the pinnacle of puberty yet.  I know that you are 35 with a screaming spouse in the background that you are whispering sweet nothings to, that had a bad day at work and when you get home there are too many chores to do and it cuts into your gaming time.  I know who you are.

You’re the one blabbing in public chat, boasting of your deeds and how everyone needs to worship you.  You are the golden one, the one that won’t shut up and will let everyone know how superior you are to the little ones you have granted to be around your presence.  You put players down, so that you can slide up and down that e-peen of yours.  It’s not pretty.

Never happy, unless you have proved your point. The stein is never half full, in fact it is buried in the ground right next to the last MMO you stopped playing.  You pick apart every morsel of the game you must love or why would you be playing it?

You aren’t happy if you get killed because it certainly wasn’t your fault, they must of been cheating.  You aren’t happy when you actually win a fight because then there aren’t any competitors that are worthy of a fight and your e-peen overfloweth.  You aren’t happy when the population is low because your precious game is dying, but you aren’t happy when the population is high because your PC can’t handle the lag and in turn people with better PCs are cheaters and ruining your experience.

You see the public chat as a personal soap box in which you are allowed to say anything to anyone about anyone and when told to shut your face, you deem that as a challenge and then continue onwards with your destructive behavior.

Yes, you destroy the very game you are playing.  Listen to me Jerkface, it takes population for a healthy community to thrive.  For a healthy community to thrive, they need to feel welcomed and enjoyment to login.  If you are so unhappy with the game (as your public chat shows) then why are you playing?  Let the people who are having a good time, continue to do so.  Take your e-peen and stroke it somewhere else.

We don’t care if you have 40 top level/top gear “toons.”
We don’t care if you think you know it all.
We certainly don’t give a damn about what you just did.
We didn’t ask your opinion on what we did.
We don’t care if you died, in fact we all laughed our asses off when we saw your death.

Listen here bub, we enjoy competition, we enjoy playing the games we love, but give it a rest.  Become part of our community, if you are such an expert then teach us instead of berate us.

When you are a jerkface to the players you spend 5-6 hours (or more) a day with, you will soon be playing alone and you’ll be blaming everyone but yourself.

Stop ruining my fun because you are not happy with anything.  Be the best player you can be, be the top killer of all time but keep in mind that you need people to play for you to kill.


A Crazy Gamer

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2 Responses to Dear Jerkface MMO Player…

  1. Travia says:

    you made some good points but you can’t stop me when i get competing with others i’ll be a jerk sometimes

  2. Alexa says:

    There will always be jerkfaces in games I like your letter tho

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