I took an extended “bio”

It’s true – while I have many blogs out there, I fell silent. I did not feel like pulling things apart and sharing my sometimes very silly opinions with folks. It happens, I am now over it and I realize I do have quite a bit to say and I want to say them.  I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but alas it will be interesting.

I just returned from France on a completely unrelated to any video game experience.  I had an amazing time but now I have returned with evil cooties that make me wonder what was in those awesome croissants.

Speaking of “bio” break.  Where the hell did that expression come from?  No – I mean really when was the last time someone said to you “I need a biological break”?  With all the shortening of our language in MMOs this one baffles me.  I remember the first time someone used it, they simply put in “bio” in our group chat.  My immediate thought was they were about to tell us their Biography for their character, which I found strange until they returned 3 minutes later.

And since when does adding a “z” or “x” shorten a word?  Those damn keys are annoying to find (especially if you have longer fingernails like me).  Where did “plx” come from?  Sure I can see the “plz” although if I sound it out in my head I can hear a 4 year old kid saying that over and over until they get what they want.

Did I mention I’m a bit of a language snob? Yup!  That said, I have evolved over time.  I do not bother to try and change anyone who goes out of their way to use abbreviations.  At first there was no punctuation and then everything is an abbreviation, what’s next? No text chat at all?  Will we plug in and the computer will automatically know that we need to take a pee the next time there is a break in the action?

I am a classically trained typist.  Yes boys and girls I learned on an actual typewriter and if I recall correctly they weren’t always electric!  I can type pretty fast and I rarely look at the keyboard.

I think in my next game I will start a “I spell Good” clan, we will preach the good word about how spelling correctly doesn’t really take all that much time.

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