Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead Dies

It seemed almost impossible to believe the news. Lemmy is no longer with us. A man who was larger than life, indeed was “Killed by Death.” A man, a rock icon, the guy with the chops – that guy. The one who is considered synonymous with metal or rock or even punk. He defied the books, drank daily, smoked a crazy amount and from all accounts also enjoyed his daily drug fix if that wasn’t enough. Speaking of books, he was also an avid reader and quite the gentleman.

How can someone who claimed to have slept with over 1,000 women be so admired? How did he engage in such sexual acts without succumbing to some disease 20 years ago or more?

Lemmy was (and will always be) a legend. Not only was he iconic in his style, but staying true to his music and his own personal beliefs. His antics are legendary. Not because he got drunk and was snorting ants on the pavement. Because he was the real deal with a spirit so bright, there was no denying him. Those who even tried to judge him were left unsatisfied. He didn’t care what anyone thought of him, he lived on his own terms from the women, alcohol, drugs or a nazi memorabilia collection. He is the one that started the “mutton chop” craze in the 70s. Funny as that sounds, I didn’t see anyone making fun of him about those chops. How about the facial warts? He never claimed to be a pretty boy so why would he pretty himself up? What an amazing individual to be so carefree yet performing in front of so many fans year after year.

During the last couple of years, he had some health issues and was on the decline but he only stopped when he was forced to stop. He would only cancel shows when he just wasn’t able to do his job. We saw him a shade of pale that was not normal. He was gaunt and skinnier too – but he didn’t have any plans of stopping. Sadly he was mortal and a terrible disease got him and got quickly. So quickly that he only found out about it 2 days earlier. He was tired and maybe hearing that the inevitable was near he decided he was going out on his terms before all the pouring of sympathy rang his doorbell.

With his death, someone who seemed like nothing would ever be able to kill him…his spark is no longer with us. But the way he left us, was so very quick and caught us all by surprise. In his death, there is wisdom that will live on just like he will.

Live on your own terms, death is inevitable, don’t worry about death, just live.

We will miss you Lemmy. You were the real deal.

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