Meeting Your Favorite Band/Artist.

Okay so I’m over the rant about the Van Halen VIP ticket cost, I checked and apparently some (including the crazy expensive ones) have already sold out.  So be it, some people have the money to spend on it and I’ll do my best not to judge them!

(However I hope they also contribute something to their favorite charity along with that…just for karma’s sake!)

I’ve been following quite a few bands and their forums lately and there is quite a bit of outrage concerning the VIP meet ups in which you need to pay for.  Essentially a majority of people that I’ve seen post think it’s the dumbest thing in the world to pay to meet their favorite band.  They are opposed and you can hear them shouting out in angst at how “Even if I had the money, I wouldn’t pay to meet the band.”

I’m no spring chicken although I thankfully don’t look like an old chicken quite yet (of course I don’t know if old chickens get gray feathers and wrinkles so how would I know if they were old?) but I honestly think that most of them are lying.

Are you trying to tell me if you had the means to meet your favorite band/artist and money wasn’t an issue, you wouldn’t?  I call BS.  Of course you would want to meet them, if that’s your sort of thing (Look, I know some people have little interest in meeting the band members, but they aren’t usually the ones who complain about these things).  When you have learned to live without money, of course you wouldn’t even think about paying for such an extravagance.  I’m betting, treating yourself to first class would be totally out of the question too.

I’ve put in my hours of waiting to meet my favorite bands.  And you know what? As a girl, who is not a groupie and has never had any intention of wanting to be one, it’s tough hanging around trying to see if you can get a glimpse of someone – with their clothes on anyways.  More to the point, these random chance encounters are usually luck or sleuth work.  Sure, I can ask a friend who works at a hotel to see if they’ve checked in there – or I can bug the local radio station until they tell me what time the group will be there.  But in the end, that probably works 20% of the time and you get a chance to meet the artist(s) at a time when they would rather not be bothered.  I believe in respecting the people I love listening too.

Philosophically speaking paying to meet ANYONE is against my high horse values.  However, paying for a package that you get other things along with a chance to meet the artist isn’t all that bad if that is what you want to do that is.

All depends what is important of course.

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