MMO Exploits Make Me Irate

Yeah, you heard me.  HULK SMASH STUPID CHEATERS!

Hah, that almost made me feel better – almost.

Perhaps I’ve been playing games too long, perhaps I’ve been in the gaming industry too long.  It just seems “obvious” to me when something is a cheat/exploit or violation.

You can’t get up that world geometry without jumping 10 bazillion times, dying and then getting rezzed to the spot?  Or do you have to jump backwards about 100 times until some invisible wall magically disappears and you are 10 stories higher than everyone else?

Yeah, it’s funny at first.  But what you are supposed to do is make a bug report.  Take the time to send an e-mail/appeal or your local CSR friend and say “Hey look at this, your devs might want to look into it.”

What’s worse?  When someone doesn’t believe they are exploiting and they are so caught up in the coolness factor that they decide to share it with everyone and how to get up there.  So folks are willing to teach others how to gain advantage, yet won’t admit it’s an exploit because everyone can do it?

Lookie here mr/ms exploiter.  You are ruining everyone else’s player experience.  Whether it’s your enemy who can’t find you healing your group in a cubby hole up in the sky or the people who ask you to report it to be decent.  Yes, I said it. Be decent.  Just because you aren’t going out of your way to download some program from the internet that is laced with viruses and worms doesn’t mean what you are doing is supposed to be done.  Have common sense too, if it takes you 10 minutes to get there it means it wasn’t intended for you to get there.

Yeah I raged quit in a game tonight because of some loud mouthed moron teaching everyone to do something in game which you aren’t supposed to do.  Now me – being honest and all I reported this player, it is my duty.  I doubt anything will be done because geometry exploits are very tough to fix.  But that doesn’t matter, at least I did my part to let the higher Gods of the game know they’ve got an issue and they can prioritize as they please.

Now what made me rage quit?  Well quite simple – when I suggested to my group members that it should be reported instead of telling everyone how to accomplish the exploit, the group leader said that it’s easy to do therefore it’s not a big deal.

You sir, are an idiot.  You also invited me to your guild the other day, that ain’t going to happen.

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