Puppy spectacular

So while I think President Obama’s new puppy named “Bo” is very cute and I’m sure his puppy breath is adequately awwww factor 10 billion. I find it very difficult to believe that there was a 2 minute video clip with the same 2 snapshots of the pup over and over again while news reporters flock at the newest edition.

It’s a puppy people. Why does this pure breed get more attention then oh lets say a murder? Surely, it’s nice to see what is going on with the lives of the famous and powerful but I don’t see how the news of the new puppy can even be considered on the same page with pirates and murderers. I mean really.

Cute puppy but I don’t need to see the same 2 photos over and over again. Thanks media. If they report when the dog gets neutered (assuming he does) I think I might have to scream.

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  1. Daniel says:

    laura h – Looks like a Maine Coon. These guys don’t reach full size ’til their a several years old! It’s not umnomcon for them to weigh 20+ lbs and have size 8 feets. For the most part, if this breed was any more laid back, they’d be dead. Love shot #2 — he looks so regal looking over his kingdom with the clouds around his head!

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