R.I.P. David Carradine.

Well this week isn’t going so well…

David Carradine had this ability to make me smile. I don’t know why, perhaps it was how he spoke. Perhaps it was what he said. No matter the quirky and quarky roles he has played in movies and television, he was awesome.

It saddened me to hear of his death today and the circumstances under which he was found. I didn’t know the man, but he didn’t seem to be the type to want to kill himself. Of course, finding him naked in a closet hanging to death makes me think he was doing the erotic-asphysiation thing. At 72, you would think he would know better, but what folks do in their closets is sometimes better left untold.

Of course the media is more concerned about how he died than that he actually died which is typical.

I hope it wasn’t suicide, but wherever you are grasshopper, I hope you rest well. I thank you for making me smile.

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