Scorpions Set List Survey Results

Back in October 2017, I decided to create a poll concerning the Scorpions’ set list they were using in North America this year. The set list is always a big topic of discussion among fans, from those who don’t care as long as they are still playing, to those who are happy, unimpressed or downright disappointed. I’ve had these conversations numerous times over many years. Yet, I decided to take it a step further to see what fans would vote for.

So I created a survey of 4 questions, where fans got to choose the songs they would want for the set list (with the band in its current status) along with a few other questions, about albums and the least liked songs from the current set list.

Although, the survey was viewed over 10,000 times. Only 190 fans actually completed it. A bit disappointing for such a worldwide band, however with the way the fans are active on the official forums etc, dedicated Scorpions fans are a bit shy of participating, so it was a bit of a gamble.

However that said, the results were interesting nonetheless. From my perspective, I was a bit surprised at some selections chosen and not in others.

I have divided this up into two parts. The first part is the direct answers to the survey questions. Just the straight up most voted for songs/albums. That’s the quickie version.

The second part is where I get a bit deeper with the analysis and you can see which songs from which albums, which songs didn’t get any votes, etc.

In conclusion: The voters have spoken and for the most part, the set list from 2017 is one that would please the 190 fans who took this poll. Except for the Motorhead song, that is a clear, “this needs to be changed for future tours.”

Question #1: Your chance to choose the songs in the set list. Your mission is to choose 18 songs (a mix of ballads and heavy songs) that would make your ideal set list.

Question #1 Survey Results:

Question #2: This is the current set list that the Scorpions played in North America in 2017. Choose 3 songs that you would be okay with if they no longer included it in their set list.

2017 North American Set List:

Going Out With a Bang
Make It Real
The Zoo
Coast To Coast
70s Medley: Top of the Bill
70s Medley: Steamrock Fever
70s Medley: Speedy’s Coming
70s Medley: Catch Your Train
We Built This House
Delicate Dance
Acoustic Medley: Always Somewhere
Acoustic Medley: Eye of the Storm
Acoustic Medley: Send Me An Angel
Wind of Change
Rock ‘n’ Roll Band
Motorhead Song: Overkill
Big City Nights
Encore: No One Like You
Encore: Still Loving You
Encore: Rock You Like a Hurricane

Question #3: Which song (any) do you want the Scorpions to play live? The song where you would lose your mind, start to cry, hop up and down, scream, hug your partner…you know…that song.

Question #4: Studio (not live) album you would want to hear from start to finish?

There you go! Did the survey surprise you at all? Poor Virgin Killer, no one wants to hear that studio album from start to finish in concert (well anyone that took the time to vote anyways!). Please leave a comment on what you think of the results!

(For those interested in more in depth results, please go to the next page)

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1 Response to Scorpions Set List Survey Results

  1. Dasha! says:

    The list of the lest popular songs made me stare at it with a slight shock (except for the first line, I’ll be happy if they will never play that song again)…
    As for everything else: that was interesting to see. And yes, as I found out while taking part in it, it is too damn hard to change the setlist, considering all the factors. But I’m all for good surprises! =)
    Thank you!

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