Scorpions Set List Survey Results

Scorpions Set List Survey – More in depth results

Oh you dared to come here? Alright then, you might be surprised at some of the results. Please keep in mind that only 190 fans voted, I don’t know why Scorpions fans are so non-interested in participating in things about the Scorpions, but that’s for another post.

If you want to know any additional info, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do to whip up a chart about it. :)

Votes Per Album:

For the more dedicated fans that can tell you every song on every album, here is a list of all the songs and how many votes they got.

Songs That Received 0 Votes:

Most Voted for Ballads:

Most Voted for Rockers:

Here are the top 10 songs selected as that ONE song you want to hear live so bad:

The least popular songs on the set list (complete):


There you go my set list opinionated friends/fans. What surprised me most is how the 2017 set list is pretty much what the 190 people want to hear (taking into consideration the current decade of the Scorpions of course) with just a few exceptions. So they seem to be playing the songs that in general want to be heard. This is a good thing of course.

But would it kill them to surprise us once in awhile? :)

Thank you everyone for voting. I would love to do another survey for 2018, but this time I will include more demographics and hopefully with your help we can figure out a way to get more people to vote! Cheers. :)

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One Response to Scorpions Set List Survey Results

  1. Dasha! says:

    The list of the lest popular songs made me stare at it with a slight shock (except for the first line, I’ll be happy if they will never play that song again)…
    As for everything else: that was interesting to see. And yes, as I found out while taking part in it, it is too damn hard to change the setlist, considering all the factors. But I’m all for good surprises! =)
    Thank you!

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