The Mad Magazine song.

 Many years ago in a time far far away, there were vinyl records. Not only that, but there were vinyl single records. Of course you needed a little plastic thingy so they wouldn’t come off the turntable, but alas they existed.

Then came along Mad Magazine in their infinite wisdom to include a floppy plastic 45 disc with one of their magazines that my brother bought when I was just a youngin. So the layout was this:

A positive yet annoying song talking about how great the day is. Then it would go to “on hell” and talk about how it’s not such a good day.

Oh surely it doesn’t sound like anything significant, except for the fact that everytime you played it the “on hell” part would be different. There were 7 different versions and you never knew what you were going to get.

Okay to a young Joanne this was AWESOME.

Well today I woke up with that song in my head, so I thought I would share. Yes, I still have the disc though.


(My favorite is Number 7)

It’s a Super Spectacular Day – Version 1
It’s a Super Spectacular Day – Version 2
It’s a Super Spectacular Day – Version 3
It’s a Super Spectacular Day – Version 4
It’s a Super Spectacular Day – Version 5
It’s a Super Spectacular Day – Version 6
It’s a Super Spectacular Day – Version 7

Technology is wonderful isn’t it? You folks that never heard this don’t have to play the record over and over to get the next version!

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7 Responses to The Mad Magazine song.

  1. drale says:

    I got the record for $1 at garage sale years ago, but right now I can’t find it. Thanks for the rip.

  2. drale says:

    Ah. It sounds to me like he is saying “its a super spectacular day.. until…..” then the bad things happen. It makes more since that way anyhow. You’re having a good day, until….

  3. sr says:

    Thanks for posting those! I had that issue and my sister and I played that record all the time. Great stuff. Drale is right, by the way, The transition word is “until,” which segues into the not-so-super part of the day.
    Thanks again!

  4. Otto says:

    Great blog it’s not often that I comment but I felt you deserve it.

  5. Ethan Selden says:

    pronounced post you’ve pick up

  6. MarkD says:

    You’ve got seven endings here; there were actually 8, so you’re missing one. And as others have said, the transition word is “until,” not “on hell.”

  7. MarkD says:

    Too much time on my hands. Here’s an 8th verse, one you’re missing:

    You develop a twitch and a horrible itch
    And you’re covered with spots and you’re getting the trots
    And your feet start to swell and it’s easy to tell
    From this hideous wheeze it’s some awful disease.
    So you call an M.D. and he says “Don’t ask me;
    If it gets any worse you can speak to my nurse.”
    And you manage to say as you wither away…
    That it’s not such a super spectacular day.

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