The New Trend – Linking Accounts

I hate to use the word “hate” but I am left with no choice – I hate the fact that some sites now require you to link to your other accounts such as Facebook or Twitter.

Every week we hear about some “Anonymous” security breach of supposedly secure websites.  These sites have very important and personal data, whether it is medical information or your credit card number.  The internet is scary. Yes, yes it is.

But the idea that because a website wants to make it easy for you to advertise to others – or maybe to gather data from your behavior is just not right.  Yes I have a linked in account, but no I don’t have my Twitter account listed there.  I’m glad it is optional at least, but why don’t I list it there?  I read the fine print – one day when they feel they want to or because some Anonymous person decides to poke their heads where they shouldn’t – could post on your account.

Say what? Yeah, by giving them information such as passwords (I mean duh – why would I go to one website and share my password of another website?) one day they could decide (maybe unwillingly) to advertise.

I have nothing against a “Share this on Facebook” link, in fact I think those are clever and it makes sure you are in control of what you put out there to your friends, coworkers and family.

No, I do not want to give my information from other websites, it makes a lot of noise.  The noise I’m talking about is all the nonsense people post without knowledge they are posting it.

Keep your information safe and do not play this link your account game.  In the end it’s going to give us a lot of trouble.

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