Tweeting, Chirping and TMI.

I’ve been blogging for years. No – not on this site of course but whether it was a diary when I was 9 years old (damnit that stupid lock never locked) to expressing myself with ye olde text through a keyboard for awhile now. I usually try to make myself believe that no one is actually reading what I write, therefore I can cuss and say silly outrageous things with the hopes that no one will notice. Of course that backfires on me when someone brings it to my attention that, “Oh yeah I read on your blog…you don’t like your belly button what is the deal with that?” (For the record, I’ve never said that, I do indeed think my lintless belly button is cute.)

Now with Myspace, Facebook and Twitter it seems as if people are addicted to telling others very specific things about what they are doing. I’m guilty of updating my status on 2 of the 3 mentioned in the previous sentence. Now I have to admit that it’s a great way to feel connected to others. However – yeah I know that was inevitable as a BUT!

However, how much information is too much information? I love hearing about a trip coming up that a friend is looking forward to just as much as I love hearing the latest gaming news that has me chuckling euphorically. Is it too far when someone talks about their cat farting and they need to leave the room? (No wait, that is kind of funny…) How about if they have a strong opinion about a controversial subject (such as abortion)?  Is there a point where it’s not just about freedom of speech but that we need filters for our freedom before our own friends want to kick us in the ass for giving us too much information?

Oh so many questions.

I mentioned earlier that I always believe that no one reads my scribblings – this isn’t true. There are plenty of people that READ my oh so nonsensical BS. Little web tracking devices are all over and I know you are out there my pretties! However, for everyone 100 readers there are 98 1/2 lurkers. That’s right LURKING is your business and business is good. (Sorry Megadeth, it seemed to fit right there.) People enjoy having a peek at what is on your mind but they don’t want to acknowledge that they have read it. The irony is, no one will probably respond to this post but that’s okay, remember 98 1/2 out of 100 are lurkers. Leaving a comment is like having someone peeking in your window or the guy I saw today peeing on a rock in the busiest street in this small town. Of course I looked, but did I tell him to stop? Did I call someone to stop him?

Ahem, okay maybe that’s a bit far fetched. But the guy really was urinating. Seriously.

I love hearing what my friends, family, coworkers (if I was employed), former coworkers and gaming companies are doing but how far is too far? Do I really know that you just went potty and had to flush twice?

Okay, so I might have some weird friends. :)

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3 Responses to Tweeting, Chirping and TMI.

  1. Shiloh says:

    Joanne, why do you hate guys who pee on rocks?

    I like updates about what’s going on in people’s lives. Which is probably why mine doesn’t get updated very much. Well that and I forget about twitter despite Digsby keeping it updated. However, yes I do believe there is a too much information line.

    I think the line is different for everyone and everyone’s circle. If it can cost one their job or alienate someone dear to them, then it’s too much information. The world won’t stop turning, and people won’t stop being themselves if they show a little social courtesy.

  2. Mark says:

    Yeah, there’s a reason that I don’t get involved in social networking sites. Anyone who knows me knows that I already share too much as it is *without* the ability to document those random bits of joy forever.

    So, yeah, be thankful that my Facebook account is hidden and I don’t add anyone except to play Scrabble.

  3. Matt says:

    More importantly, Shiloh, how long was she watching the guy pee on said rock?

    I post messages in Twitter and Facebook much like I would talk if I were around my friends in a public area. I get a bit crazy, but nothing over the top. I also try to refrain from discussing hot-button issues because frankly, all it does is piss people off. If they agree with you then it’s all just empty praise, and if they disagree then no amount of discussion is going to change them.

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