Welcome! I’m just getting unpacked here…

So I decided that I have a lot to say. (Big Surprise there!) Instead of randomly ranting to friends here and there about the justices and injustices of the world, I decided it was time to get myself a new home. This is my professional blog, it’s not a place where I will tell you about all that personal stuff that might be private. It’s just a place for me to discuss random things that come to mind.

When I tell you they are random – they are just that.

I welcome everyone to my new website if you feel it is missing something or that the theme sucks fire hydrants then please just let me know. I’m still working on unpacking my things and getting this place all dressed up.

For you folks who use IE 6 – my apologies but it looks fuzzy. Why are you using IE 6 anyways? Sheesh.

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